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HAKI System

HAKI Company Brochure (1.09MB)
HAKI Universal - Just Hook On (1.05MB)
HAKI Universal - Poster A2 (489.67kB)
HAKITEC - There is no bad weather (696.52kB)
HAKITEC - Poster A2 (927.62kB)
750 Temporary Roof Brochure (711.83kB)
750 Temporary Shelter Leaflet (78.23kB)
HAKI Cadee Leaflet (1.64MB)
HAKI Stair Family (435.42kB)
HAKISPAN 750 Brochure (3.87MB)
Universal Infrastructure Brochure (338.29kB)
Loading Tower Brochure (817.71kB)

HAKI Safety

HAKI Safety Guide - 2010 11 (507.3kB)

Product Info Sheets

HAKI Beam Rider (228.76kB)
HAKI Public Access Stair (520.34kB)
HAKI Public Access Stair Spec (257.35kB)
HAKI Slim Stair (392.04kB)
HAKI Stair Tower Symmetric (421.99kB)
HAKI Suspension Devices (302.61kB)
HAKI Tripod (270.97kB)
HAKITEC - Instructions for Lifting (263.29kB)

HAKI Component List

HAKI International Component List (3.58MB)

User´s Manuals

HAKI Universal - 2015 03 (1.85MB)
HAKI Universal Suspended scaffolding - 2015 03 (1.25MB)
Stairtower User Guide (1.79MB)
Compact Stairs User Guide (3.02MB)
Loading Tower User Guide (3.34MB)
750 Roof (Hand Built) User Guide (1.24MB)
750 Roof (Mono-pitch) User Guide (1.42MB)
750 Roof (Roll Out) User Guide (1.04MB)
750 Shelter User Guide (2.75MB)
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About HAKI

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» HAKI Universal
» HAKI Tripod
» Birdcage Scaffold
» Suspended Scaffold

Weather Protection

» Temporary Roofing
» Temporary Shelters
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